The Ultimate Arcade Machine

In response to the demand from our players to truly put their money where their mouth is, Creative Mobile has brought race gaming to the next level with the development of a new arcade system that allows players to actually race for pink slips.

Labelled “Property of Creative Mobile – please handle with care” crates containing arcade machines are currently being shipped and installed in several major US cities and race track venues.

It’s time to go real!



The arcade machines are labeled Nitro Nation or Drag Racing and will mix the Drag Racing experience with real life pink slip races. In an effort to bring more safety to street racing and drag racing, Creative Mobile has developed the perfect way to bet your car, but not your life.

Every participant has to place their car keys in one of these secure key boxes and needs to complete a “Best of 5 tournament”. After that, the arcade machine will open the key box only for the winner so they can go home with their opponent’s car.


Go hard or go home!



“We’re still negotiating a pricing scheme with arcades and race tracks” says Marketing Manager Ruhle. “Our biggest concern is for the safety of our players, we have considered that the venue may need to provide a certain amount of security. No one will be happy about losing their car and having to walk home. But those are the stakes with this game.“

The hardware is said to be available on May 1st. After a successful start in the US, Creative Mobile will consider different countries as well.