Cashplay for Drag Racing on iOS

Creative Mobile’s Nitro Nation Drag Racing has gone live with cash tournaments on iOS. With over 100 million downloads, Drag Racing is regarded as one of the best mobile racers available, boasting a fiercely passionate and competitive community of players.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Drag Racing players have embraced the challenge of competing for real money. Early reports show that nearly 7000 players have already played for cash with almost 40000 cash games completed.

drag racing in game

Need for Speed

Drag Racing is a test of timing and tactics where every millisecond counts and the slightest mistake results in defeat. With more than 50 officially licensed cars to choose from, the gameplay is an adrenaline-fueled balancing act of shifting gears and applying nitro at the optimum moment. As Creative Mobile’s flagship title, Drag Racing has received substantial critical and popular acclaim having been ranked in the top ten games of 2011 by the New York Times blog and it is in the top ten most downloaded games ever on the Google Play store.

drag racing menu screen

Race For Cash

Drag Racing now offers the option to race for cash and includes tournaments with potential winnings ranging from $0.40 to $10. Competition is fierce, but our unique skill matching algorithm ensures that players are pitted against others of similar ability.

drag racing better luck next time

Ongoing $3 bonus for new users + deposit matching bonus.

To get you started, we offer all new players a $3 bonus upon registration (if you win an initial free-entry ‘bonus game’).

We’re also giving away free cash for every deposit up to a value of $100 per player, so get yourself over to the iOS App Store, download the game and join in the fun!

Drag racing race for cash banner

Cashplay is a unique monetization platform that allows mobile and online skill gamers to compete against each other for real money. Read More..

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