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What does DR, NN, DRF, RP, HoF, WR, etc. mean?
DR – Drag Racing
NN / N2O – Nitro Nation (most realistic 3D DR) – http://www.nitronation.com
4×4 – Drag Racing 4×4 (SUV/Truck Edition)
Bikes – Drag Racing: Bike Edition
CM – Creative Mobile Games (Estonian Games Company)
DRF / DRFnet – Drag Racing Forum
NNnet – Nitro Nation Forum – http://www.nitronation.net

F2F – Friend to Friend Race (online game mode)
DB – Driver Battle (online game mode)
BR / B&R – Bet & Race (online game mode)
PL – Pro League (live online game mode with upto 10 players)
PLR / Random – Pro League Random

PL1 – Pro League Level 1 (-10)
xxx rp – xxx rank points (in PL)
RP – Respect Point (premium currency in DR needed for top upgrades and cars)
HoF – Hall of Fame (5000 rank points in PL)
“Magic” HoF – HoF achieved by glitch of PL server

UPS – Upgrades
Tunes – Tuning for cars (gear ratios)
FD – Final Drive (multiplier for gear ratios)
NOS – Nitrous Oxide System. (A tuning adjustment which can be set short and powerful either, or longer with less thrust.)
PB – Personal Best (result)
WR – World Record
TO – Time Out (time out in PL)
SS – Screen Shot
DQ / disq – Disqualification

FL – Friend List
PLR – Pro League Run – Daily PL challenges announced by Pro League Run’s Facebook group
DFC – Daily Forum Challenge
DFS – Daily Forum Stock
CIH/CHI – CheatIngHacker (software for cheating used by a few racers with rooted device)

Tag *gamertag – A gamertag is a person’s online persona over different games
Tag *teamtag – A team tag is usually preceded at the beginning of gamertags as abbreviation of players team name.
FB = Facebook
VIP – Very Important Person, Very Important Player (achieved 10x HoF in levels 1-10)
MOD / Mod(s) – Moderator(s)

Does the game support cross-platform multiplayer?
Yes. In online modes you race against users playing Android and iOS versions.

How do I change my online name?
Go to Race->Race Online menu. Tap the “CHANGE NAME” button near the bottom of the screen and enter your desired nickname.

Can you add more cars / trucks / bikes? I want to see my favorite!

We are not adding cars after player requests, because our primary concern is exciting gameplay where every car is balanced and competitive. However, we have a long list of cars that are waiting to be added, and the car you’d like to see is probably on that list.

Where is the Aston Martin, Police Car, etc. and why can I see this car while I am not able to buy it?

The reason why you may see the removed vehicles in the game is that those cars had been purchased in the earlier versions of the game, became collectible and there is no possibility to sell them.

In order to include any vehicle into the game we must negotiate with their manufacturer or licensing agency. As a result, sometimes we are forced to temporarily or permanently remove a vehicle from the game. We always do our best to re-negotiate and bring the vehicle back in a future version, or replace it with another car from a different manufacturer.

I did not receive my RP or cash after defeating the boss

The main cause of the issue is that the players do not wait until the winnings are transferred to their account. This issue is actually reproducible on any level, not only in the Boss races. On the “race result“ screen the amount of winnings ($ and RP) is visible as animated/running numbers as soon as the “race result” screen appears.

The winnings will not be transferred to player’s accounts until this animation of “running” numbers is ended (the whole number is shown). If the winnings consist of cash and RP and the cash number animation is ended, but the RP number animation is not ready, the cash will not be transferred until the RP animation has ended too.

Therefore, the cash and RP will be transferred only after all the animation has ended. However, if the user exits the “race result” screen before the winnings are transferred, as a result the cash and RP will not be transferred to his/her account at all.

How do I tune my car / truck / bike?

Visit our official DR Forum at DragRacingForum.net for useful tips on tuning and upgrading the car in order to progress through the levels and challenge your opponents.

How do I get free RP?

There are three ways to get the Respect Points:

1) You can earn those while playing in the Drag Racing game,
2) You can get it with the use of the Credit Card,
3) You can download applications, which offer you Free of Charge Points (Please note, that we do not carry responsibility for the Third Party Suppliers).

Is there a possibility to buy infinite RP?

Unfortunately, there is no more possibility to purchase an unlimited RP in the newest updates of the game.

I clicked on the In-game advertisement but did not receive my free RP

Unfortunately, we have no control over the functionality of promoted applications and services represented in our game. All of the offers found in our application are provided by the Third Party Suppliers.The resolution of such case totally depends on their policy. Please, make sure that you have completed the requirements of the promoted service, which may require registration or subscription. You should also keep in mind that some service providers may take more time than others to update their records.

How do I get rid of the In-game advertisements?

Tap on the Main Menu → select ‘+’ sign→ and choose Remove advertisement (please, note there is a fee taken for the Advertisement removal).



Can I transfer my data between devices?
Unfortunately, no. User data is stored on the device memory, therefore it is impossible to transfer data between devices. Many players use backup tools such as Titanium to backup and transfer data, however, we do not encourage this and will not be able to help you if anything goes wrong.

I have reset/replaced my phone, how can I get my progress back?

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to transfer your data to another device, or restore it remotely. We are planning to address this issue in the future iterations of Drag Racing.

The game freezes/crashes on my phone. Will you do something about it?
We do our best to ensure smooth and stable gameplay on each of 500+ available devices.

Drag Racing is lagging on my device

Here are a few tips to improve your device’s performance:

  • Kill other tasks / autostart apps before launching the game
  • Turn off some of the visual effects in “Settings”.
  • Change your gamer tag for the system to recognize the changes made in the game. Of course, you can change your gamer tag to the initial one, if you wish;
  • Make sure, you have enough memory space on your device (If there is not, please, delete items you are not using);
  • Restart the application (but do not uninstall it, otherwise your progress will get lost);
  • Get the latest update official version from the Google Market / Apple Appstore / Amazon Appstore / Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Turn your device off and turn it back on;
  • We also recommend you to clear the cache memory on your device (Go to Settings→Applications→Manage Applications→Choose Drag Racing Application→Clear Cache);
I'm having a problem with my connection

We recommend you try the following:

  • Check your Internet connection (it is better to use Wi-Fi Connection instead of 3/4/5G), to make sure, it is not interrupted;
  • Make clear the “cache memory” on your device;
  • Restart the phone (switch off/ switch on) and wait before opening your application;
  • Make sure, you have got the latest update available for the game.
How can I play this game on my PC or Mac?

To run our Drag Racing games on Windows or Apple computers, please install the Android app-player Bluestacks (available for XP, Vista, Win 7 and Mac)

Important hot-keys to play Drag Racing
Revs = “Space”
Shift up and down = “Up and down arrow” or “Return”
NOS = Key “A”


Drag Racing

How do I sell my car?

Get into the Application on your device-> Garage -> Car List-> on the small icon with the car, it shows trash can, press it -> Sell.


Please, pay special attention to the fact that the price of the sold car is less than the price of the same car you used to buy it before.

I only received half the points for my bet

The game system works like this: You should pay in-game currency for attending the race (For instance the race costs 200 Respect Points) and in case you win, logically you should get 400 respect Points. So, if you win, you will get 400 Respect Points minus 200 Points you have paid for getting into the game; in total you will get 200 Respect Points.
In case, a player loses the race, he will be deducted 200 Respect Points, as he/she pays for participation 200 Respect Points and gets 0 Points after losing the game.

I see no cars on levels 9 and 10, where are they?
There are no cars that qualify as level 9-10 in stock configuration. You need to buy and upgrade level 7 or 8 cars to race at levels 9 and 10.

What does “timed out” mean in Pro League?
For some reason your result was not submitted in time. You have around 30 seconds to complete the run (the countdown starts the moment you see the race screen). Being on a slow network or temporarily losing connection causes most timeouts. We are constantly optimizing the game to handle these situations.

Why I can’t race with my best car in Pro League? Do I have to get back to level 1?
When you first enter the Pro League, you can only participate in level 1 races. You will unlock higher levels after you earn enough rank points.

I can’t race in Pro League! It says that I don’t have a car for this level.
You must own a car for each level you’d like to race on. E.g. if you want to participate in level 5 Pro League races, you must own a car which currently qualifies as a level 5 car, including upgrades.

I have 5000 rank in Pro League, why did it stop growing? or – I used to earn lots of rank for winning, but now I only get a few points. What’s up? and – Why do I lose rank in Pro League?
Rank reflects your relative strength. The higher is your rank, the higher you need to place in order to maintain or improve your status. Keep winning, and it will go up. Keep losing, and it will decrease. 5000 is the maximum possible rank achievable in Pro League races.

Drag Racing Tips
Updating the game

Your cars and money are saved on your device. DO NOT EVER uninstall the game before updating, or you will lose ALL of your stuff.


  • Launch and shift when the dashboard indicator turns blue or green
  • If there is too much wheelspin, you are not going anywhere – watch the orange indicator on your dashboard
  • Once you learn how to drive properly, ignore the lights and find your own winning strategy
  • Nitrous is more effective on underpowered cars with lots of grip. Timing is crucial!

Cars and upgrades

  • Test drive before you buy a car!
  • The more your car costs, the tougher opposition you’ll face both offline and online
  • Upgrades count towards increasing car cost/level, while tuning doesn’t
  • Keep your car cost just under your level cap to get an advantage
  • Adjusting gear ratios (Garage -> Upgrade -> Tune) is costly, but lets you achieve times that are impossible on stock settings

Game modes and winnings

  • Race against beginner/amateur AI to get some quick cash and build your car
  • Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for extra RP
  • Go online and race against others to earn maximum cash/RP
  • If your car isn’t ready for online races, earn some cash in “Drivers Battle”
  • For the ultimate challenge, race against top players in Pro League


  • Try playing with vibration on (enable it in the “Settings” menu)!
  • If the game runs slow on your phone, use the task manager to kill unnecessary background tasks, or reboot the device
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Drag Racing: Bike Edition

How do I get a special costume for my rider?

The costumes are available to purchase on special occasions like, for instance, the Halloween party.

How can I win some nos?

It is possible to win nos in Career mode in Side Missions and spinning the Wheel of Fortune as well.

I won my race, why did I receive 0 rank points?

Drag Racing Bike Edition uses the ELO rating system, you never get 0 for a win. It shows 0 because the game doesn’t show decimal places, the 0’s are a rounded figure for the amount you actually earn (for example you probably earned maybe 0.125)

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Drag Racing 4×4

What are Gold Bolts/Nuts for?

Gold bolts/nuts are needed for repairing your truck in case it breaks down. You can earn them in Career and Tournament modes.

Is it possible to buy insurance for my truck?

Yes the “insurance icon” pops up after a car breaks down, and it can be bought for Nuts.

I won my race, why did I receive 0 rank points?

Drag Racing 4×4 uses the ELO rating system, you never get 0 for a win. It shows 0 because the game doesn’t show decimal places, the 0’s are a rounded figure for the amount you actually earn (for example you probably earned maybe 0.125)

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